All-dimensional View Over The Pearl River

Perfectly set on the south bank of the Pearl River, Rêver is a mere stone's throw from the lively Tianhe District, overlooking the most dynamic view of the city. Featuring a modern, fashionable and minimal interior motive, the group’s Chief Architect, Patrick Wu, an alumni of world-renowned Kengo Kuma & Associates puts together an array of cozy yet tasteful details that are designed to echo with Rêver’s inspiration, the Pearl River.


Upon arrival, every guest will be welcomed at our work-shop-kitchen-lab, our Atelier, the space where the magic takes place; where we develop and craft each dish with passion, flair and creativity; where we deliver a contemporary dining experience mixing French culinary techniques with modern originality and local relevance; to share and exchange our passion for food.


Dining Room

The arrangement of seating as terrace fields along the river allows all guests to enjoy a 180 degree view over the river and the most vibrant skyline of Guangzhou. The color palette of the restaurant draws inspiration from changing shades of the river during the course of a day, facilitating a tranquil and soothing ambiance; while the white marble floor forms a natural pattern that resembles the water movement of the river. In addition, the reflection on the ceiling translates into a river that connects with the sky, creating an intriguing echo with the “Tianhe” (sky river) district just outside the window.

Private Room

Featuring two private rooms that seat a maximum of SIX guests and TEN guests respectively, our guests will have their privacy to enjoy a sumptuous feast serving FIVE-course lunch menu and EIGHT-course dinner menu in an exquisite yet cozy ambience.


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