A gourmet experience would not be complete without either food or drinks. To ensure a full-dimensional gastronomic exploration for every guest, Rêver teams up with top wine consultants, tea masters and mixologists to craft unique yet intriguing beverage options that are set to be a perfect match to its seasonal menu.


A carefully curated wine collection from boutique vineyards and great producers different regions that is both authentic and intriguing, niche yet surprising. Rêver is a haven to explore something rare and exciting; from up-and-coming wines hailing from China, Japan, Lebanon and Greece to a range of unique selections from France and the rest of the Old World.

Alongside the traditional wine pairings, the restaurant offers a creative “Wine Tasting” option for those who cannot hold their liquors well yet are eager to broaden their palate. Served in professional tasting glasses along with selected dishes, there are FOUR to SIX kinds of wine for guests to taste and compare.

Cold Brew Teas

FIVE kinds of tea are exclusively selected from across China as well as India’s Darjeeling region that match the major seasons - spring/summer and autumn/winter - served in different glasses that reflect their particular flavor and characteristics. Tea-lovers will definitely enjoy a tea pairing experience, which is much like wine tasting.


Each season, Rêver will introduce FOUR special cocktails that draw inspiration from local elements while making the dining experience more diverse and chic.

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